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Greyalls Art

Here with another inspiratio post. This time, I will be taking a look at a single artist, Greyall. I won’t do much talking, because his art speaks for itself, but let me say a few things. Greyall gets it. He gets warhammer, and he gets the look and feel of Space Marines, especially Chaos Marines. He adds so much detail and personality into each of them, and he makes them feel like they are not just the slaves to the warp that GW has a habbit of doing. But I will let you see for yourself. Onto the art!


These first six are from a line of Raptor art that Greyall has done. The first Chap is a Thousand son, then a World Eater, Alpha legionary, Deathguard, Fallen Dark Angel, and a Night Lord.

In order we have a Word Bearer, Deathguard, and another Alpha legionary. Take a look at that second picture. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Typhus. While he is a rather Iconic character to the Deathguard and Nurgle in general, I think this rendition of him is spot on, and is by far my favorite.

Last three for today. An Emperors Child, Black legionary, and Iron Warrior. While the art is still Greyalls, these lovely pieces have been coloured. The first two are by Shadowengine, and the last one is by BrotherOstavia. While I love Greyalls art, I feel they truly come alive when given color.

I hope to see more art by Greyall, and more colored, in the future. I recommend anyone who enjoyed the art on show today check out his DeviantArt profile. He has a lot of art to look at, and almost every piece has a short paragraph where he describes the character and some back story. Do yourselves a favor a go take a look.

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