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Posts by Fabalah

Black Legion – The Warmaster Wallpaper

DOWNLOAD: No Commercial use. Do not redistribute without written permission.  You can contact the Designer at or here on the contact page if you have any questions.  You can request more sizes in the comments below and will add them as requested. Widescreen 1920×1200 HD 1920×1080 FabalahFabalah here from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Design is my overall passion and…

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Dark Angels Wallpaper

Dark Angels Wallpaper by, download below. The Dark Angels are the first Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions and thus I created my first wallpaper of the year. My plan is to create all the original Space Marine Legion wallpapers this year, so buckle up kids – here’s to 2015! One down and seventeen to go!…

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Word Bearers Wallpaper

Word Bearers Wallpaper by, download below. Today I bring some much needed love to Chaos. After watching the B&C blow up with grumpy chaos players last night, I decided to show my love and create this Word Bearers Wallpaper. I hope you guys like it! Bolter and Chainsword Forum The nebula of the gods, The Helix Nebula was…

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Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper

Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper by, download below. The Rainbow Warriors, not much is known about them as they have been deleted from the imperial records. Their homeworld is named Prism, located in the Ultima Segmentum. With their blue power armour and multi-coloured helmets, what isn’t there to love?  The moment I saw their chapter name I needed to know more about these…

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Night Lords Typography Wallpaper

I know it’s not the tutorial some of you have been waiting for, but I found this and I had to share this. This is a lovely Night Lords wallpaper by the very talented Fabalah, who also built this site. I think this is a very cool example of the different places people can take…

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