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Courage and Honour!

Here with another inspiration post, this time it’s all about the boys in blue. That’s right folks. The Ultramarines. As all of my friends know, I love the Ultramarines. I know they get a lot of flack in the community (A lot. It’s scary) but they have always had a place in my heart. I have a post in the works that explores the common misconceptions about the Ultramarine and the Codex Astartes in particular, but for right now it’s all about the art. With that, lets get started.


First up is a lovely piece of concept art from Relic for the game Space Marine. This is one of my favorite pieces of Ultramarines art, as each of those Marines has a lot of character. If you have played the game, you get to see these chaps in action. If not, go play it. Relic does not dissapoint. Next up is a very cool piece by MikhailSavier. He does a lot of fantastic art, and I will most likely do an inspiration post on him in the future. Last for this row in the box art of Squad command. While I have never played the game, I really like the cover art they have used. It shows the Ultramarines right in the thick of it, getting up close and personal with some traitors.


Next up are three pieces by Majestic Chicken, whose art has been on inspiration posts before. All three of these are fantastic, and give a certain feel. The first, Fall of Damnos, is a pitched battle between the Ultramarines and the Necrons, and it’s at a standstill. The battle could go either way. If you know your background on either force, you know the Ultramarines do not secure victory. The second has a very proud feel about it. The Ultramarines are lined up in force, before a citadel of gold statues and pale stone. In Ultramar the oppressive hive towers and fume choked skies are replaced by clean air and beautifully crafted towers and buildings of marble and stone. The final piece by MajesticChicken is a last stand. The Ultramarines are surrounded on all sides by the Ork hoard, but are fighting on. The Company standard is lifted high, inspiring the Ultramarines to fight to the last.


Be warned, that middle image is massive. Last up are two images used by Black Library and Games Workshop. These first two are done by Neil Roberts, and his site can be found here. The first one is the art for the upcoming Horus Heresy anthology, Mark of Calth. It will  be  a sequel to Know No Fear, and will contain multiple stories. The art, in my opinion, is fantastic. The mood and tone are very different to what we usually get to see about Space Marines. For those who don’t know, these Marines, and many more, had to flee underground while the sun cooked the planets surface. You can thank the Word Bearers for that one. The next one is another book cover, this time of Know No Fear, and is easily one of my favorites that Black Library has ever pushed out. One the front is the Primarch of the Ultramarines, Roboute Guilliman. This image gets across the brutallity of the Primarchs, as they are monsters in combat. What other being in 40k lore can punch the head right off a Space Marine. In space no less.* The last image is the box art of Assault on Black Reach, the 5th edition starter set, and it shows another pitched battle between the Ultramarines and the Orks. It’s hard to see who will come out on top here, as the Orks have numbers and the war machines, but the Ultramarines are Space Marines, and that counts for a lot. No matter what happens though, that duel between the Ork and the Space Marine Captain is going to make a difference.

That’s all for today. I hope this might change someones mind about the Ultramarines being boring, as in battle they are the living weapons all Space Marines are. I have almost finished my Pathfinder character, Trysanna, and hope to have some photos up on Monday. Until then, cheers guys and gals.


*This is explained in the novel. He is not actually in space, as the ship has a small amount of atmosphere clinging to it. That, and he is a Primarch, the pinnacle of biological engineering. They do crazy stuff.

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    Thanks for giving me some things to think about in your post, keep it up.

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