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Dark Vengeance: The Crimson Slaughter

Second post for Dark Vengeance here, now taking a look at the second half of the box set, the Crimson Slaughter.

Chaos has always been a really fine line for design for me. I really like the story behind them, and I love the World Eaters and Night Lords. But I dislike how they are always portrayed as slaves to the Dark Gods. Some renegades would simply be pirates, and I would like to see this point of view explored in the next Chaos Codex. Only time will tell, as rumors say that a new Chaos Codex is on the way for early September. I personally cannot wait, as I have been hoping for a new Chaos Codex for a long time. But, enough of that, onto the miniatures.

First up we have a Chaos Lord. I have mixed feelings on the guy, but overall I think I like him.

I like the detail on this chap, and the back is pretty nice. I like the cape, the fur draped across his back, and the backpack. I also really like the helmet, although the horns look a little to large and delicate for my liking. The legs and chest are also pretty nice, and overall I like the miniature. The detail is outstanding for a starter set miniature, and rivals some of the Finecast items. I think most of these miniatures will be taken and taken apart for my Art Scale Marines. Next up are the Chaos Chosen.

I feel that Chaos really gets the most detailed side of the new box set, and by looking at the Chosen, I think most people will agree. I feel that the new Chaos Lord and the Chosen really expand upon the twisted and warped nature of the Chaos Marines, and I like it. But I would also like to see the option in the new kits to not have faces growing out of the armour. You know, some guys might not be into that. Gottta say, that unicorn helmet is really friggin cool. I look forward to more stuff like that.

Wait, whats this? Do my eyes see renegades? Cultists even!? Ah yes, the Cultists. Something that has been in the lore for ages, and finally gets a spot in the game. There are two squads of ten in the box set, these being the ten with ranged weapons, autoguns by the look of them, and the others having melee weapons. I have been waiting for these guys to show up for ages, and I am pretty sure they will be in the new Codex. (If not GW will have surely gone mad.) I like the look of most of these guys, and that chap with the Heavy Stubber is easily one of my favorite minis in the box. I don’t really like the army of the homeless look that a few of these guys have, but with a head swap and guard bits thrown in, I think I could make these guys very unique. I am not really a big fan of the leader though. He looks to silly to me. Next up, we have the melee Cultists.

More Cultists! I am a little more fond of these guys, but that is simply due to the fact that they look that they look like they are wearing looted Guard uniforms. Again, some simple head swaps and I will be much happier with them. Gotta say that I am really not a fan of the shirtless chap. Why has he decided to go to war with his mouth stapled shut, shirtless, and a bolt coming out of his head? I know Chaos is, well, Chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be foaming-at-the-mouth crazy. Have some standards. Again, not a fan of the squad leader. He looks ridiculous, although the axe is pretty sweet.

Last item on show tonight, and this one is a real treat. The Helbrute.

Overall, I really like this guy. He looks to me like an overgrown Obliterator, and  really dig that concept. I like the flesh and machine fusion, and the weapons are also pretty nice. My two complains are easily fixable I think. Those toe nails shouldn’t be to hard to turn into claws, and the random tentacles coming from his side shouldn’t give me to much trouble.

Overall, I like the Chaos stuff. I think that if GW continues in this direction for the new Chaos Codex and the miniatures, then I will have a lot to like. I would love to see options not to have warped faces coming through the armour, but I am no stranger to having to work hard to get things to look the way I want them too. I do have an Art-Scale Ultramarine army in the works after all.

Until next time folks. Death to the false Emperor!

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