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Death to the false Emperor!

Glory to Chaos!

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. Chaos is finally back. If you don’t know, new Chaos Space Marines went up for advanced order yesterday, and will be available in stores on the 6th. If you cannot tell, I am very excited for this. Chaos has always been tied for my favorite army in 40k (tied with their loyalist counterparts), but in the last few years they have gotten the short end of the stick. Of course with a new Codex comes new miniatures. Lets take a look shall we?


The first image is the new Codex. Full color, hard cover, and with a ton of new art and more background. I have high hopes for this one. The last Codex failed to give any information on most of the original Traitor Legions, and that won’t do. I also have to add that the cover art is fantastic, and was used for Henry Zous’ Blood Gorgons. When I get my hands on the book, I will delve more into it. The next two images are from the Chaos Raptors box set. First are the Raptors, and I really like the look. They are similar to the Sanguinary Guard kit, and the Dark Eldar Scourge kit in term of poses. The next image are the Warp Talons. This is a new unit, so I don’t know much about them. From what I understand, they stalk their prey through the warp, and tear through it when they are ready to kill. This sounds perfect for Night Lords, and I really hope the rules reflect how awesome these guys sound. Overall, I love the kit, and I cannot wait to kit my hands on it, as it has a lot of cool bits and pieces that I can use for my Art Scale adventures.


These three chaps are character miniatures. First up is an Aspiring Champion. I really like the look of this guy, and he really stands out from the regular Chaos Marines. Second, and my favorite of the character models, is a Dark Apostle. 3.5 Codex owners will remember that name as a character you could use if you played Word Bearers (if I am remembering that correctly) and it seems that they are making a return. I am very happy to see them back, as they will really add a lot of character to an army. Word Bearer players should be jumping for joy at this guy. I have to say, this is one of the few minis I will be picking up just to paint, as I think he looks that cool. Third is a Warpsmith. Again, this character will add a lot of character to an army, and I know Iron Warrior players will be happy to see a Techmarine character for Chaos. While I like the mini, I feel he is a tad to busy. I love the cape of wires and the axe, but I feel the two tentacles on his chest are a bit much. I would just trim those off, and maybe do a head swap. Overall though, a good character with lots of detail.


And now we come to the large kits. What would a new Codex be without at least one monster or tank? Well, with Chaos, you get two warped into one. The first two images are from the same kit. First is the Forgefiend. A mobile daemonic gun platform, this thing looks really cool. it matches the look of the Bloodcrushers rather well, and I think that is what the design team was going for. The next image is the Maulerfiend, and is a close combat monster. Literally. Overall, I really like the new kit. I feel they match up very well with what we have already seen of the new Chaos products, and I think they have a lot of conversion potential. The third image is the new Chaos flyer, the Heldrake. I don’t really like the kit. I like the idea, and I think the model has potential, but it’s a miss for me. The wings don’t do it for me, and I don’t like the neck and head. I do think this model could be converted to look really cool, and I am looking forward to see what people do with the kit.


Lastly  we have the Mutilators, which are close combat Obliterators, as I am sure you can tell. These miniatures, to me anyway, are hideous. I don’t like them at all, and I feel that they miss the mark completely. The only thing I even remotely like are the hands, and even then they are to big for my liking. I don’t see why Games Workshop could not have produced a plastic kit for both the Mutilators and Obliterators, as the Obliterators don’t get new miniatures, so they are stuck with less then fantastic ones.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this wave. I am glad to see new miniatures for HQ units, and a new Codex makes me very excited. I did notice that Cultists are absent from this wave, so I am expecting a second wave to come later this month.  There are a few things in this wave that I don’t like, but a few conversions might be able to change my mind. Overall, I am just happy to see Chaos get the attention it truly deserves. You can check out the pre-orders here, as there are a few items I didn’t mention.

That’s it for now. I will be working on a tutorial for painting red over the weekend, so look forward to that soon. If anyone has any tutorials they would like to see, just leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.


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