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Khorne Bloodmaster

One of my favorite aspects of the Warhammer universe are the Chaos Gods. Eldritch entities who grew from emotions and dreams to become vast consciousnesses that vie for dominance over the hellscape of the Warp. Easily my favorite of these is Khorne, the Blood God.

When GW released the Bloodmaster model I knew I would have to paint one for myself.

I pushed myself when painting the miniature, especially around the base. A lot of bases I see are very flat and a little boring, and I wanted to avoid that with such a cool model. I themed the base around the Daemon, as if the earth itself was warping with the Bloodmasters presence.

The sword was another fun aspect of the model I enjoyed. I’ve been trying to practice my blending skills lately and wanted the sword to look fiery and molten. I started from a white basecoat, layered a bright yellow overtop in thin coats before slowly glazing oranges and yellows, before touching up the middle of the blade with a line of near-white yellow.

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