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More Forge World Horus Heresy (Updated)

With Forge World releasing more information, I thought this would be a good time to do a post regarding all of the new toys they have coming out. I am loving what they are producing, and I cannot wait to see more. First, lets start with the miniatures that were included in the post I did earlier this week.

First up, as I thought, is the Fellblade.  While the Space Marines of the 41st millennium operate as shock troops, the Space Marine Legions of the 31st millennium operated as front-line troops. As such, they boasted a very different arsenal of weapons. One of these is the Fellblade. This super heavy tank was one of the largest, and most feared weaponry that the Space Marines Legions could call upon. Second is the Typhon siege tank. I don’t know anything about this tank, as I have never heard of it before. But I think it is safe to assume that the story is similar to the Fellblade. The body appears to be that of a Land Raider, so I assume it’s the big brother if the Vindicator. Beyond that, we will have to wait and see what information comes from Forge World. Third, we have the Jetbike. A little more information has been revealed on this, and we now know that this model is the Scimitar pattern. Again, I hope Forge World produces more Jetbike models, hopefully one similar to Sammaels of the Dark Angels.

Next up are the Cataphractii Terminators. This pattern was used during the Great Crusade, and most Legions did not posses very many suits. The Iron Hands were an exception to this, as they were said to have possessed a fair number of them, most likely due to their strong connection to the Cult of Mars. I really like the look of these suits, but some of the leg posses seem a bit awkward to me. They look like they are stumbling, not running or walking. Forge World has also decided to produce three weapon kits for the Cataphractii. From left to right, we have Power Axes, Special weapons (Power fists, lightning claws, power weapons, and a few ranges weapons) and a Power fist set. I really like the sets Forge World has put out so far, as it gives a lot of options for players. That, and it works very well for my Art Scale marines.

These are upgrade kits for Mark two, three, and four armour Marks, and each set includes a back banner, command helmets, and vox upgrades. Again, I am very happy with Forge World producing more upgrade kits, as it will give players a lot more customization with their Space Marines.

If anyone is interested, you can follow this link to view Forge World Games Day UK page. They have all of these kits and more on show, and they will be available to purchase at Games Day, but they will go very fast I would think. They also have a Magma Dragon, Incarnate fire elemental and more, so check it out. It also looks like Chaos is set to be up for pre-order on the 22nd, so expect a post on that sometime next week.



While checking up on the Forge World site again this morning, I noticed they have added another set to the list. This is The Red Angel, Angron, Primarch of The World Eaters. This is a beautiful kit, and I cannot wait to own this. Angron looks just like the artwork, his pose is brutal, and he has the feel of a true warrior charging into battle. I could not be happier with him. But this also mean that Forge World will produce more Primarch miniatures. Here are some pictures of Angron. Again, you can see more with the link above on Forge Worlds Games Day page.

Brutal. Dangerous. And full of rage. It’s perfect.


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