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My second Warhammer Fantasy army: High Elves

I know it’s been a while, about 4 months, but I finally have some time to explore the idea of my second Fantasy army. While my Skaven still is not done, it is getting there, so it’s time to entertain some thoughts on the subject.

First up in a series that I am sure will be rather long, is High Elves. Let’s begin with what I like. I enjoy the colors. Now that is not a big thing to some, but for me it’s a pretty massive item on the list. I am a painter before anything else. I love my Skaven, but the color pallet for them has to be very dull and brown, as they live underground. And they are rats. With the High Elves, I can really go crazy with the bright, ostentatious colors, and that is a very appealing idea.

Warning: Large image

This guy really illustrates my point. His colors are clean and bright. There is a lot of room on this guy for clean silver, bright gems, and some freehand work. Of course this kind of detail will not be on every Elf, but with the Heroes and Lords of the army, I can really go nuts.

Again, large image.

Even the basic troop, the archer on the far left, has bright, clean colors. This would be a wonderful change of pace from my Skaven. Along with the colors, the High Elves also have a fair number of cool units. I love the Lion Chariot (Freaking Elvish Lions!), and a Griffon has always been something I have wanted to paint. On top of this, there is the Island of Blood, which is fantastic bang for your buck, especially if I can trade off the Skaven with more Elves.

Of course with the good also comes the bad.

What I don’t like about this army are a fair number of the miniatures. For one, the High Elf Archers and Spear men are not the greatest miniatures, and I feel it would take a lot of work to make them look as good as I want them to. Even the Dragon mount for a character doesn’t look as majestic as I think it should.

Of course the Archers and Spearmen could have new miniature kits when the next Codex is released, but I have no idea when that could be. If I choose this army, my option for the Core units would be limited to the Sea Guard, or a lot of conversion work to include Spearmen and Archers.

The High Elves have a lot of potential to be a real painting treat, but there is a fair amount of work I will have to put into the Archers and Spearmen to make them look as good as I want them too.

Next time, I will take a look at the Orcs & Goblins. Stay tuned.


  1. Avatar Michael on May 25, 2013 at 9:57 am

    High Elves are an army that have been about precision and tactical acumen for as long as any of us can remember. Their 7th Edition army book had a lot of incredibly strong units – Teclis and the Phoenix Guard notable among them – but many of the units were over-costed or simply didn’t shape up well when the new rulebook was released.

    • Trysanna Trysanna on May 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm

      That’s unfortunate to hear. How does the new army book stack up?

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