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My second Warhammer Fantasy army: Ogre Kingdoms

Hey folks,

Here with the final post on my second Fantasy army. Over the past few months I have looked at a number of armies, including High Elves, Orcs, and Warriors of Chaos. This time, it’s all about the Ogre Kingdoms. This is the other army that I am really leaning towards right now, the first being Warriors of Chaos. This army is the lowest model heavy army out there, with a single Ogre racking up a hefty 30 points, and that’s without upgrades. This allows me to spend a lot of time on each Ogre, and give them a lot of detail and character. On top of this, Ogres are one of the hardest hitting armies in Warhammer. There are very few things that can stand up to a charge from a unit of Ogres. Along with the in game benefits, Ogres also have some pretty cool lore. They are similar to the Orcs, in that rank is determined by who is biggest and strongest. They settle all problems with a fight, and will eat anything they can shovel into their mouths.

They also have the added benefit of being a newer faction, so all the miniatures are pretty recent. Let’s take a look.


The first image is a unit of basic Ogres, and as you can tell, they are massive. The next unit are the Ledbelchers, the ogre equivalent of rifle men. Of course, being a massive Ogres also means that they use cannons instead of rifles. And that is pretty awesome. Most of the Ogre kits use the same body sculpt, so I can really go to town on converting them, and get used to canvas I will use, so to speak. The last image is one of the new Ogre champions, Bragg the Gutsman. Not only is he a really cool model, but I can see a lot of interesting conversion possibilities coming from this guy. The pose is pretty spot on for a unit champion or a battle standard bearer.

Next up is the unit that really drew me towards the Ogres, the Thundertusk. A creature of frost and cold, it has some really cool in game rules, and a killer model to boot. In game, it has an aura of frost that makes my opponents within range strike last. As for the model, I think the pictures speak for themselves. I mean look at the crew riding it. The Ogre in front has a bear trap attached to a chain that he throws at people. How brutal is that? If I pick the Ogres, I will have to have one.

These last images are art of the Ogre Kingdoms. I feel it showcases the raw brutality of the race, along with the sheer size of them. I want my Ogres to really have this feel to them, to have an aura of brutal power to them. Again, with such a low model count, I can really spend a lot of time on each Ogre and make sure this feeling comes through. I would also like to showcase some of Dave Taylors miniatures, specifically his Ogres. I find his work very inspiring, but the main thing I like about his Ogres is that he has stuck with the old grey skin tone that you can see in the first image. GW has moved away from this, but I really like it. I don’t think that a race of huge monsters who eat rocks as a past time should have the same skin tone as humans.

That’s all for now. I will be picking an army later this month, so expect an update on that soon. In other news, I have finally finished the Seadrake and have started the Heldenhammer for Dreadfleet. I have also just finished putting together the Blood Angel for my tutorial, and now I just need to take some photos. (Running out of glue really sucks) Hopefully I will have another post up later this week, but I doubt it. My father is visiting, and it will be the first time I see him in 3 years, so don’t get your hopes up!


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