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My second Warhammer Fantasy army: Warriors of Chaos

Hey folks, here with another Fantasy army post,

This time I wanted to take a look at the Warriors of Chaos as my second Fantasy army. This is, at the moment anyway, the army that I am really leaning towards. They have really cool lore, some great art, a good amount of character, and they are a higher points costing army. And, to top this off, they just got a small update and some new miniatures. One of the things I really like about Warriors of Chaos is that the army hits like a brick. The basic Chaos Warrior has a 4+ armor save, and Chaos Knight are one of the hardest hitting units in the game. That, and they have a lot of variety in what units I can take. This includes Trolls, Ogres, and even a Daemonic Cannon.

Let’s take a look at some of the current miniatures.

First up are the current Chaos Warriors kit. I really like this kit, but it misses the mark for me. The second image is some colored art from the codex by MajesticChicken, and I love the art. I wish that the Warriors looked closer to this art, and I really wish they had full plate mail on, instead of gloves. I might be able to solve this by converting the legs and arms from the Chaos Lord on Manticore kit, but I will need a lot of those legs. I suppose I could cast them, or I could use Avatars of War Warriors of the Apoc as a base. There are a few option, but it is a fair amount of work. The last image are the Knights of Chaos, and I really like the miniatures. They are pretty cool, and I think I can easily convert them to different poses. That, and they have a ton of bitz I could use for conversions.

Next up are the Marauders of Chaos. The current miniatures, the first image, are pretty unpleasing to look at. Paelkeizah from Warseer has fixed this problem with Beastmen Gors, some greenstuff, and a lot of love. These look fantastic, and are a massive improvement. They are of course a lot of work to create, but I think they are worth it. You can check out his painting log on Warseer.

Another bonus is that I can really go for a Nordic theme with these guys, and I get a lot of inspiration from a few different sources. I can use a bunch of Space Wolf bitz, including the Fenrisian Wolves as Chaos Warhound, as I prefer the models. I can also give my Heroes and Lords a lot of character and back story, as they are not a dime a dozen like Skaven. On top of that, I can listen to a lot of Viking themed metal, as it’s quite fun to listen to while painting.  As I said earlier, this army is on top of my list for potential Fantasy armies, next to Ogre Kingdoms.

Overall, I really like this army, and I am leaning very heavily towards them as my choice. They will of course require a fair bit of work for them to be as cool as I want, but I think they would be worth it. They also have a lot of conversion and painting opportunities, and that counts for a lot for me. Next time I will take a look at the Ogre Kingdoms, and then (hopefully) make a choice. Cheers folks.


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