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My second Warhammer Fantasy army.

With my Skaven army nearing completion, I come to the new choice of picking a second Fantasy army. This choice is sadly not as easy as it was to pick my Skaven.

My criteria is as follows:

This army has to have personality.
This is a major thing for me. The Skaven have a lot of personality, and it makes the army more fun for me.

The army has to be fun to paint:
I am a painter first. The most fun for me is building, converting, and painting the models. I love the rare and special choices for an army, but the basic troop has to have some potential. The lowly Clanrat may not be the most versatile troop, but it is a real treat to paint, mainly because they all have character.

This army cannot be model heavy:
I love my Skaven, but I simply cannot handle another hoard army. I would like to have my next army be light on the models. I’m not saying it has to have as few models as possible, but I would prefer to have a few less then my Skaven.

This leaves me with a few options.
Orcs & Goblins, Ogre Kingdoms, Dark Elves, High Elves, and Warriors of Chaos.

Next week I will go into more detail on what I like and what I don’t like about each of these armies. I might also have some new things to show you. Until then!

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