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New Dwarf miniatures

To dungeons deep and caverns old…

Looks like we are seeing the first of the new weekly release system. As such, the release this week is small, containing only 3 miniatures. Luckily, these minis are fantastic. If this quality continues, Dwarves will be one of the best looking armies. Let’s get started on my favorite of the new releases, the Dwarf Lord Belegar Ironhammer.

Belegar Ironhammer Belegar Ironhammer
Belgar looks fantastic, and I love everything about him. He has a ton of detail, and a defiant pose. The armour and weapons also have a lot of cool swirls that make the Dwarf very regal and ornate. As for lore, Beglar is the Lord of Karak Eight Peaks, a great Dwarven stronghold overrun with Skaven and Goblins. I will definitely be picking up this Dwarf when he comes out.

m3750248a_99070205001_2014DragonSlayer01_873x627 (1) m3750258a_99070205001_2014DragonSlayer03_873x627
Next up is the new Slayer model. Again, this guy is a big win with me. I love how dynamic he looks, and I can see a few fantastic dioramas being made with this kit as the basis. I’m also looking forward to seeing a few new Gotrek conversions! This is another kit I would like to pick up, just so I can practice painting skin.

Hammerers / LongbeardsHammerers / Longbeards
The last of the new releases is the Dwarf Hammerers and Longbeards kit. I really like the Longbeard side of the kit, especially the Regiment Champion. The armour is great as well, matching the feel of Belgar. I’m not that fond of the hammers from the Hammerers side of the kit, but that could be fixed by replacing them, although I am not sure what would work well. My least favorite part of the kit are the thick hafts of the axes, but that could be fixed with some brass rod and a little greenstuff.

Overall, I really like where the Dwarves are headed, and I really like all these minis. I am not sure how I feel about the weekly release, but I am looking forward to seeing what else is hitting the shelves later this month.


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