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New Dwarves Week 2

As I mentioned last week, Games Workshop is going with a new weekly release system. I am undecided if I like this idea yet, but it does help to mix things up a bit. This week sees the new Dwarf Codex go up on the site, along with 2 plastic hero kits and the Gyrocopter.

Dwarf limited edtion
Let’s start with the new Army Book. I am really impressed with the art on the front, as I usually am. This one is a real hit with me, as it looks exactly how I imagine the Dwarves to look. I am also pretty pleased with how the limited edition book looks, as it really fits the Dwarves.

Next up are the new plastic Hero kits. First we have the Runelord model, which can be modeled with a choice of two heads, and two options for each arm. I am really impressed with where these plastic kits are going, and I can’t wait to see some for the Skaven. I like the Runelord quite a bit, but I feel he doesn’t have enough fine details to make him really stand out as a Hero in a Dwarf army. The other plastic Hero to come out is Grimm Burloksson, a Master Engineer. I really like the arm, weapons, and especially the rifle. The head doesn’t do it for me, but I think a head swap could easily fix that issue.

The last item for the Dwarves this week is the new Gyrocopter kit. The first image is of the new Gyrobomber, make from the same kit. I really like both of these vehicles, but my favorite is the ‘Copter. I love how small it is, but also how compact it looks. It also feels very whimsical, something I have always liked in crazy engineered contraptions. The only thing I dislike is in the ‘Bomber kit, and that’s the airbags. I think the kit would look much better without them.

Something else I really wanted to share was Forge Worlds newest release, Kharn the bloody. I’ve been reading Betrayer lately, and I love Kharn. I think he is a fantastic character, and Aaron Dembski-Bowden really gives the World Eaters life.

Looking at the model, I am a little disappointed. The detail is great, and I love the base.  I also really like all the parts, just not the pose. I know they were going for something very similar to Angron, but it doesn’t do it for me. I would like to see Kharn standing, or legs braced. This may be just me, but the legs also look to stocky and short, almost Dwarf like. That said, I think I would be able to fix these issues without too much hassle. I look forward to seeing what the put out for the Horus Heresy next.

That’s all for new releases. I’ve spent most of my weekend working on a second Tactical Squad for my Carcharodons and finishing a commission. Hopefully I can get some photos up during the week to show them off!

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  1. Avatar Jaime Dee Ward on February 10, 2014 at 1:06 am

    The special edition book is so sick looking.

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