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New Tyranids

The Hive Mind hungers!

That’s right, new Tyranids are up for advanced order. Check them out on the Games Workshop pre-order page.

I have always liked the ‘Nids. I love the look of them, and the lore behind them. My favorite model is the plastic Swarmlord, so when I heard rumors of new Tyranid models, I was optimistic. Of course, I thought I would share my thoughts on the new releases, and see if they are as good as I hope!

First up, as usual, is the new Codex. Of course, the new Codex art is by Raymond Swanland, and it’s my favorite yet. The second and third image are of the Limited Edition Codex. The third image is the inside of the dust jacket, and shows some of the new art. I’m really excited for new Tyranid artwork, and I will link it on Facebook as it hits the internet.

One of the new plastic kits this month is a fantastic Tyranid Warrior kit. I’m really happy with this kit, as it looks spectacular. The old kit was good, but this one is more refined and polished. It’s also very nice to see the bone swords included in the kit, along with (hopefully) all the other options available. This is one kit I would love to pick up, just as a fun painting project.

Next up are the new Hive Guard/Tyrant Guard. This is a redone sculpt, as the old models were metal. I really like this kit. The first two images .  I love how the Hive Guard look, as its very alien, and really hits the Tyranid feel for me. I also like the bulk they are, as it gives them a solid and threatening presence.  The last image is of the Tyrant Guard, walking shields that protect the Hive Tyrant. I am not as fond of this version of the kit, my only problem being the additional should plating. I think I would like them just as much as the Hive Guard if they were smaller, and didn’t add to the chest area. Of course this just means I’ll have to convert them when I grab the kit.

With 6th edition, every army has been granted a large flying kit. The Tyranids are no exception to this, receiving the Harpy and Hive Crone in one plastic kit. I’ll be honest, this kit is a miss for me. I don’t like how large the chest is, and the wings don’t feel big enough for a creature that big. I also don’t like the head, as it doesn’t look unique in comparison to the rest of the army. Perhaps a Winged Hive Tyrant conversion would look better…

Last for this months miniatures is the Haruspex and Exocrine. This kit is massive, as the model is shown on a large oval base, which is roughly 4″ x 5″. The first two images are of the Haruspex, an infantry killer. I have mixed feelings about this guy. I want to like it, but it’s another miss. I would prefer to see the large arms in the front, but I am not sure if that would make me like it. This idea does fix the only problem I have with the Exocrine, which I think would look fantastic, if only the arms were closer to the front. This would also be a good idea, as it would help the creature hold up it’s own weight.

I also wanted to show off Forge Worlds newest Death Guard units for the Horus Heresy. First is Captain Calas Typhon, the First Captain. I love the model, and I think he would look fantastic in a unit of Deathshround Terminators. The next two images are of the new Grave Wardens, a unique Death Guard unit that uses alchemical weaponry. I really like the idea of the Death Guard uses these kinds of weapons, and I hope its something that will grow as a theme while the Horus Heresy progresses.

Overall, not a bad release for the Tyranids. I love the Hive Guard kit, and the Tyranid warriors look great. The harpy kit is a flop, but a winged Hive Tyrant might be a fantastic conversion idea. The Exocrine is a great addition, if only its large arms were at the front. I also think the Codex cover art is the best one yet.


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