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New Warriors of Chaos

Well folks, it seems this fall is a rather chaotic one.
Last month we had new Chaos Space Marines. This month, we have some new Warriors of Chaos, and I thought I would post up some images of the models, and share my thoughts on them. First, lets start with the good stuff.


First up we have Festus the Leechlord. This disgusting lad has been in the Chaos Codex since it was released, but only now does he get a miniature. Of course this one was worth the wait. I love the model, and I may use him as a replacement for my Skaven Plague Priest. The rolls of fat, the boils and zits, and that happy Nurgling on his backpack are very characterful and go with the miniature perfectly. Next we have a brand new unit, the Skullcrushers of Khorne. The are basically the Chaos Daemon Bloodcrushers with new riders. I actually like this kit, as I feel it does add an even harder hitting unit to Chaos and fun conversion possibilities. This also helps with mono-Khorne lists, and that idea appeals to me. Up next is the Chaos Warshrine. This is another unit that has been in the Codex, and is getting a model. In the Codex, this unit is described as a Chariot with icons and statues mounted on the back. Looking at the model, I am glad they moved in a new direction. Lets take a look at some detail.


First image is the means of transportation for the Warshrine. This is, of course, two massive Chaos Ogres who carry it atop their massive shoulders. I am very happy to see some new Chaos Ogre miniatures, and of course this can lead to tons of fun conversions. Next image is of the Chaos Lord or Sorcerer (I am unsure what he is) . I am glad to see this, as I get the same idea I did with the Skaven Screaming Bell kit. This means, or course, buying the kit just to use all the fun bitz for Lords and Heroes. Last image of the set is the Chaos statue. This kit is loaded with detail, and I can see a lot of fun conversions for Warriors of Chaos, Daemons, and Chaos Space Marines coming from this kit.


Next we have Valkia the Bloody. Another character from the Codex who finally gets a character. I have mixed feelings of this miniature. I love the lore and the art for Valkia. The second image is from Black Library and the third image is from the Chaos Codex.  I really want to like this miniature, but there are a few things I just cant get over. For one, I love the art in the Codex. I really do, and I would have preferred the mini to match the art more. I am not a fan of the Bloodletter style head, not how the horns curl back to the front again. A simple head swap might be able to fix this for me of course. I also don’t really like the waist, but I might be able to get over it. My main concern is the material. This is a Finecast character, so the wings and spear are going to be very delicate and easy to break.


Last up for the new Warriors of Chaos miniatures are the Hellstriders and Scyla. The Hellstriders are another cavalry unit, and I am very fond of the miniatures. I love how the weapons are part of the warriors, and I feel that maybe, just maybe, GW is starting to get Slaanesh. All to often I see Slaanesh just as lady parts and nothing else, and it is really boring, and childish. I love the Hellstriders, and I hope GW keeps up the good work. The last two images we have are both Scyla miniatures. The one on the left is the new, and the one on the right is the old. This is another miniature I have mixed feelings on. I really like the old Scyla, and I feel the new one is a bit of a let down. I love how intimidating the model is, and I really like the pose. I sadly don’t like the legs on the model, specifically the thigh area. I would have preferred if they kept the scaly hide and apposed to the fur. I am also not a big fan of the head and the neck. I think I could make the miniature more appealing to myself with some conversion work, but I don’t know if it is worth the effort.


What’s this? Warhammer 40k items? That’s right, later this month will see the release of a new terrain set for 40k, and I am stocked. I love this kit, and it is perfect for 40k. It is a huge kit, and I can see a lot of Imperial Guard players getting at least one of these. I would love to get my hands on this, as I love the idea of Space Marines dropping in to reinforce a faltering Guard line. Also out this month is the Ultimate Paint Set, along with some other goodies that will be up for advanced order later in the month. Expect to see some new basing kits.

That’s all for now. I have finished the Word Bearer Daemon Prince, and hope to have some photos up soon. You can see all the new Chaos toys on the advanced order page here, and you can get the rules update for the Warriors of Chaos in the new White Dwarf.

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