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You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows

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Ultramarines W.I.P

By Trysanna | March 19, 2012

Well, the website is finally done! You will notice a lot of spiffy art on…

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Here we go!

By Trysanna | March 18, 2012

Well, it has been a little while in coming, but I finally have a blog…

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Night Lords


Night Lords Terminator HQs

I’m happy to show off the leader of my Warband, Tor’vek of Nostramo. Armed with a daemon weapon and armored in a massive suit of terminator armor, he was a big conversion project. The legs are from the classic Obliterators, with the waist and belt made from multiple sessions of sculpting. The torso is made…


Night Lords Terminators

The new Chaos Space releases have me really excited about the faction, more so than I have been in a while. The new Chaos Marines look fantastic! I love the effort made to differentiate them more from the Space Marines of the Imperium with more daemonic visages and viscous weapons, and other acessories like the…


Night Lords – 3rd Claw and Knight Pilot

Well, I figure it’s been long enough since my Chronicle post to actually explain what that was all about. I’ve been gone from my blog for a while, just under a year now. I took a break from the hobby for about 8 months, once I’d finished the Space Hulk and White Metal Games commission. I…


How to paint Dark Angels

By Trysanna | May 30, 2013

Here it is! After much work on the part of Fabalah, who does all the…

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How to paint Salamanders

By Trysanna | April 13, 2013

Here it is! Another tutorial. This time, I thought I would tackle the Salamanders. After…

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How to paint Blood Angel Red

By Trysanna | January 13, 2013

Hey there Ladies and Gents, Here with my first tutorial, how to paint Blood Angel…

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Thundriks Profiteers

Heading into the city of Shadespire in search of treasures, and now finding themselves in the mountainous real of the Beastgrave, Thundriks Profiteers are a Warband of heavily armed Kharadron Overlords. While I don’t play the Warband myself, a few of my friends have been thoroughly enjoying the playstyle of the group, especially the heavy…


Black Legion Chaos Lord

A quick Chaos Space Marine I painted for my good friend Ryan that he had converted from one of the new Greater Possessed, to go along with his Black Legion army, of which I have painted two previous units. He asked for a Deathwing feel to the one chainsword and the torso, which was an…


Khorne Bloodmaster

One of my favorite aspects of the Warhammer universe are the Chaos Gods. Eldritch entities who grew from emotions and dreams to become vast consciousnesses that vie for dominance over the hellscape of the Warp. Easily my favorite of these is Khorne, the Blood God. When GW released the Bloodmaster model I knew I would…


Codex Space Marines

New Space Marines

And they shall know no fear… After many months of waiting, The Emperors Finest now have a 6th edition Codex. I am very excited about this release, as I love Space Marines. Not just that, I love the character each Chapter has. From the stealthy Raven Guard to the defiant Imperial Fists. Rumors say that…

Sons of Guilliman by MajesticChicken

Courage and Honour!

Here with another inspiration post, this time it’s all about the boys in blue. That’s right folks. The Ultramarines. As all of my friends know, I love the Ultramarines. I know they get a lot of flack in the community (A lot. It’s scary) but they have always had a place in my heart. I have a…


Whats on my workbench

Here with an update. Dreadfleet is not the only item I have on my workbench right now. I have a few projects I am attempting to complete right now, and I thought I would share them with you. First up are some characters for my current Pathfinder campaign. If you recall, I painted up a Wood Elf…


Black Legion – The Warmaster Wallpaper

By Fabalah | February 10, 2015

DOWNLOAD: No Commercial use. Do not redistribute without written permission.  You can contact the Designer at or here…

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Dark Angels Wallpaper

By Fabalah | January 30, 2015

Dark Angels Wallpaper by, download below. The Dark Angels are the first Legion of the original…

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Word Bearers Wallpaper

By Fabalah | March 9, 2014

Word Bearers Wallpaper by, download below. Today I bring some much needed love to Chaos.…

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Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper

By Fabalah | May 16, 2013

Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper by, download below. The Rainbow Warriors, not much is known about them…

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Iron Hands


Iron Hands

The Iron Hands are a Chapter/Legion I’ve grown to love as Forge World has expanded on their lore and aesthetic, and I took a lot of inspiration from their Horus Heresy books when I first decided to add a detachment of them to my growing Imperial forces. I built the Tactical squad using a lot…

Epic by Aerion The Faithful

Faith is my shield! Aerion the Faithful.

Well, it’s that time again. Time for some more lovely art. Continuing my current pattern, this post is about another fantastic artist. This time I am going to look at Aerion the Faithful. Aerion has a very distinctive style, and does not use Photoshop to create his art. No, this is all done by hand. And…

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