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Rainbow Warrior Captin

A while ago, I posted up a test mini for a Carcharodon project I wanted to start. I debated going back to Ultramarines, or doing Crimson Fists. But when I got The Badab War for Yule, I decided that Carcharodons were the right Chapter. Well, I have finally gotten around to working on this army, and progress is coming along. I do have a few other projects on the go, but I want to have at least 1000 points of these guys done by the summer.


Onto the first images! 

I had a lot of fun building these guys, and I wanted to make sure each of them were unique. I already have another 10 legs lined up for another Tactical squad, and I have 2 Drop Pods ready to be built. I have a little more work on this squad, but not much.

Something else I am working on right now is a gift for my girlfriend, an Art Scale Rainbow Warrior Captain. It’s just a one off right now, but he may get a squad for fun sometime down the road. I wanted to go with a Nordic feel, like a Valkyrie, and I hope to get that across once he is finished. 


Hopefully I can get more work done on these guys during the weekend, and get another squad built. I want to go more tribal with the next ones, and if anyone has any ideas on how I can get that across, I would love to hear it.


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