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Posts Tagged ‘Carcharodons’

Carcharodons Kill Team

I started this project back in 2014, making almost 20 art scale marines to near completion using the methods I’d seen by Doghouse and lamenter. For those who don’t know, the art scale/true scale method was an idea to make Space Marines better proportioned and larger, to match the artwork and what had been described…

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Carcharodons Tactical Squads

While I’ve been hard at work finishing some current commissions (more on that at a later date), I’ve been making a little time to work on my own Carcharodons. I decided to break up the Tactical squad into two separate units. The first squad is equipped for close combat, meant to get stuck in. I…

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2014: Year of the Shark

I have recently come to a decision on my Space Marine army, after giving it a lot of thought. When I started doing my Art Scale Marines, I had every intention of doing the Ultramarines 2nd Company. I was close to completing my first squad when I decided to improve them, to match my vision…

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Art Scale Carcharodons and Rainbow Warrior W.I.P

A little while ago, I did a test mini for a Carcharodon force I wanted to make. I had a blast painting him, and decided that I would go with Carcharodons as my Art Scale army, not Ultramarines. I recideved the Badab War books from Forge World for Yule, which further cemented my choice. With…

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Art Scale Carcharodon

Last weekend I tried something new, and completed an Art Scale Marine. I have started to move forward with my Marines. I purchased some mold making material and some resin, and cast up a new torso. I used this for a test mini for a potential army. I had a blast building and painting this…

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