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Posts Tagged ‘Dark Elves’

New Dark Elves

With the end of a month comes the new releases from Games Workshop, and this time it’s the Dark Elves. I have always wanted to like the Dark Elves. I love the Cold One Cavalry unit, and I like the Hydra. But I have never been a fan of the troop models, nor am I…

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Ka'zrik In'Kavius

Hey folks, Here with another painted character for my current Pathfinder campaign. This chap is Ka’zrik, and for some reason, this mini was a pain. For some reason, I could not get the sword to look good, and even now I am not 100% happy with it. But, now that I have given the mini…

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My second Warhammer Fantasy army.

With my Skaven army nearing completion, I come to the new choice of picking a second Fantasy army. This choice is sadly not as easy as it was to pick my Skaven. My criteria is as follows: This army has to have personality. This is a major thing for me. The Skaven have a lot…

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