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Posts Tagged ‘Orcs & Goblins’

Forest Spiders

Hey folks, Here with a small update. I recently finished a fun little side project, some spiders. I have used the Forest Goblin Spiders from the Orcs & Goblins range by GW. Before I got to painting, I added small amount of greenstuff to the top to fill in the hole where the Goblins would…

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My second Warhammer Fantasy army: Orcs & Goblins

Well, here we go again. This time, I am going to take a look at the Orcs and Goblins as my second Warhammer Fantasy army. So with that, let’s take a look at the good. While I am not really into Goblins, the Orcs have a lot of character. They are a brutal, was focused…

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My second Warhammer Fantasy army.

With my Skaven army nearing completion, I come to the new choice of picking a second Fantasy army. This choice is sadly not as easy as it was to pick my Skaven. My criteria is as follows: This army has to have personality. This is a major thing for me. The Skaven have a lot…

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