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Art Scale Carcharodons and Rainbow Warrior W.I.P

A little while ago, I did a test mini for a Carcharodon force I wanted to make. I had a blast painting him, and decided that I would go with Carcharodons as my Art Scale army, not Ultramarines. I recideved the Badab War books from Forge World for Yule, which further cemented my choice. With…

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Rainbow Warrior Captin

A while ago, I posted up a test mini for a Carcharodon project I wanted to start. I debated going back to Ultramarines, or doing Crimson Fists. But when I got The Badab War for Yule, I decided that Carcharodons were the right Chapter. Well, I have finally gotten around to working on this army,…

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Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper

Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper by, download below. The Rainbow Warriors, not much is known about them as they have been deleted from the imperial records. Their homeworld is named Prism, located in the Ultima Segmentum. With their blue power armour and multi-coloured helmets, what isn’t there to love?  The moment I saw their chapter name I needed to know more about these…

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