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Rainbow Warrior Captin

A while ago, I posted up a test mini for a Carcharodon project I wanted to start. I debated going back to Ultramarines, or doing Crimson Fists. But when I got The Badab War for Yule, I decided that Carcharodons were the right Chapter. Well, I have finally gotten around to working on this army,…

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Rogue Trader Crimson Fist

Well, it didn’t take me very long, but here he is! This is the oldest mini I have ever painted, and I really enjoyed the chance to paint this classic. I decided upon Crimson Fists simply because the first art I ever saw of 40k  was the classic art of the Crimson Fists last stand.…

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Misc. Work in Progress, now with added cake!

Well, it has been almost a month since my last post, and for that I apologize. Life has been hectic around here, but I do have some nice photos to share, so hopefully that will make up for it. First up is my work in progress Skaven Warlord Rat Ogre Bonebreaker. You may notice that…

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