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Posts Tagged ‘Salamanders’

How to paint Salamanders

Here it is! Another tutorial. This time, I thought I would tackle the Salamanders. After working on quite a few of them, I had a good process going, and I thought I would share it. This tutorial works for Horus Heresy Salamanders as well, as the Legion does not change its appearance like the Dark…

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More Salamander Movie Marines

Hey guys and gals, I have recently finished those lovely Salamander Movie Marines, and I thought I would share the finished product. I am really pleased with how they came out, and so is Thor.I did something new with this batch, and tried out a new technique. I wanted to add battle damage to the…

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Wolves, War beasts, and Winter Guard! Oh my!

Hey guys and gals, Here with some finished models, and some work in progress updates. A few weeks ago I had a customer contact me, and asked me to paint up a small battle group of Circle of Orboros miniatures, from the Hordes game. I quickly jumped at the chance, as I am a big…

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What’s on my workbench MK 2

What’s this? An actual update? Surely mine own eyes deceive me! No, it’s true. An actual update! I know I have been lacking on my posts in the last few months, but now that I am back on track with the hobby, this will change. I have a few projects on the go, but after sitting down and really…

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Salamander Movie Marines

This is a commission from a friend of mine, Thor. These are 10 of his Movie Marines, and a Rhino for them. These guys were a fun piece to do, but challenging at the same time. For the metalics and washes, I used some new products that I am quite happy with. The metalic paints are the…

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