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Posts Tagged ‘Word Bearers’

Word Bearers Wallpaper

Word Bearers Wallpaper by, download below. Today I bring some much needed love to Chaos. After watching the B&C blow up with grumpy chaos players last night, I decided to show my love and create this Word Bearers Wallpaper. I hope you guys like it! Bolter and Chainsword Forum The nebula of the gods, The Helix Nebula was…

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Word Bearers Dark Apostle

Hey folks, Here with a small update before I finish the massive Dreadfleet post I have been working on. Along with Dreadfleet, I managed to finish this Dark Apostle model for a friend of mine over the course of the holidays. I was given free reign when it came to the miniature, so I quickly…

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Word Bearers Daemon Prince.

Hey folks, It took a while to finally get some photos (who knew getting natural light in Vancouver during fall would be an issue?) and I present to you my finished Word Bearers Daemon Prince. I had a ton of painting this guy. It was a bit of a  challenge to paint him, but I think…

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