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The Grymwatch

One of my favorite things about Beastgrave is the theme carried across each of the various warbands. Instead of holy knights and warriors of the Dark Gods, we’ve been given a series of warbands that all feel connected to the settings savage and violent nature.

While the various human warbands I’ve painted have had diversity in skin tones, I went instead with a uniform skin tone across each fighter, aiming for a dead, sickly look for this group of crazed cannibals. I was also not shy in using a fairly liberal amount of blood across the hands and faces, while still trying not to go overboard and have it look silly.

While the other fighters of the warband use their claws and makeshift weapons of bone, Duke Crakmarrow uses a large poleaxe, which was a fun chance to practice some aged metallics, including using some red tones to imply dried blood on the blade.

My favorite fighter of the Warband are the Dukes Harries, two large bats that accompany the Ghouls. I’m always a fan of animal companions, and Beastgrave is a perfect setting to introduce more in Underworlds. I hope to see a unit of these creatures added to the Flesh Eater Courts army in Age of Sigmar, as they are a lot of fun to paint and use in game!

I’m also very happy to see our first female Ghoul, Valreek, on the right. She has a very creepy feeling to her, and I tried to pay a little homage to The Ring with the pale skin and black hair.

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