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The Lizardmen

A new Lizardmen codex is up for pre-order, and some new kits as well. I’ve always liked the Lizardmen, but I find the basic Sarus Warrior a bit lacking, as they always felt off. I think they lack the bulk that artwork depicts. Were I to collect an army, it would be Sarus and warbeast heavy. What’s cooler than an army of humanoid lizards marching to war beside massive dinosaurs? Like usual, I am going to take a look at the new items and share my thoughts.

First up is the new Codex, and the limited edition version. I really like the new art, and it’s nice to see all the new Fantasy books keeping the same art style.The limited edition version has a dust jacket, and the cover of the book has a really nice scale effect. If I were a Lizardmen player, I would pick this up, as I think it’s on of the best limited edition books to date.

The new big kit released for this wave is the Carnosaur. I will get to the standard one in a moment, first I wanted to show Kroq-Gar atop Grymloq. I love the size of the model, and how dangerous it looks. I also think that the sculptor nailed the ferocity of the model. The pair look as though the are charging into a battle, and are going to destroy whatever they hit. The detail on both is amazing, and they look like an absolute joy to paint.

The standard Heroes/Lords of the kit are a Sarus riding a Carnosaur and a Skink riding a Troglodon. The Carnosaur looks almost idenical to Kroq-Gar, but I think there are some really cool conversion opportunities with this kit. A few simple cuts could have the whole head facing a different direction, and some really good sculpting could have the Carnosaur tearing into another beast. Next is the Troglodon, and I really like this creature. The Troglodon looks a bit more sneaky than the Carnosaur, and I am a really big fan of the fin. The last image is a Sarus hero you can build with the kit if you make the Troglodon. This is an awesome Sarus, and he really matches how I imagine the Sarus to look. He has the bulk that I like, and I would love to get my hands on one or two.

Another large kit to grace the Lizardmen is the Bastiladon. While the Carnosaur is athletic and quick, the Bastiladon looks heavy set and slow. The first Bastiladon carries the Solar Engine, a large artillery piece. I can only hope this shoots a massive sun laser from the crystals mounted on its back. The second image carries the Ark of Sotek, a large rock contraption that spits out a ridiculous amount of snakes. What I really like about this kit is the sheer size of it. The last image really shows this, and as you can see it covers the base. I am also happy to see the Lizarmen get some more ranged weapons.

Another new plastic kit is the Terradon Riders. This kit can make two different units, and a hero. The first image is of the Terradon Rider unit. I really like the amount of texture on these guys, and the shape of the body. These guys remind me of the Mountain Banshees from Avatar. With this kit, just like the Carnosaur kit, you can make a hero. Tiktaq’to is available in the Teradon kit, and I must say I am a huge fan of this idea of including characters in the plastic kits. The last image is of the new unit, called Ripperdactyls. I really like the look of this new beast, as they appear to be less of a scout/flank attacker, and more frontal assault.

Next are the new single minis. First up is a new plastic Skink Priest to add to the ever growing range of plastic Lords/Heroes. I really like the look of the Skink, and I think that feathers are a nice touch. My only complaint is that I think there should be some variation in length, but that’s easy enough to fix. Next up is Gor-Rok, a Lizarmen character who finally gets a mini. I really like the pose of this guy, as he appears to be rallying his troops, or leading a charge. I would have liked to see him with a bit more armor, but that might just be me. Last up is Tetto’eko, an extremely powerful Skink mage. A pretty cool model overall, and I like how old Tetto’eko feels.

That’s all for the Lizardmen. A pretty nice release I think, and a very good addition to the current range. Now if only they could fix the current Cold One Riders.

But wait, there’s more!
Forge World has been busy the last few weeks, and in case you have missed the last items to go up on the site, you can see them below.

First up is a new Empire command kit, a perfect purchase if you are looking for a hero with a great weapon, a Battle Standard Bearer, or a crazed Flagellant. Next up is the new Javalin Land Speeder, a lovely kit that really hits the mark for me. I love how sleek it is, and just how different it is from the current Land Speeder, while still resembling it. Last up is a new Deimos pattern Whirlwind, and again it looks awesome. It takes the Forge World Legion missile launchers and scales them up for a tank.

That’s it for now. I hope to have some photos of my finished Warjacks up soon, but no promises. I just moved from Vancouver to Victoria, so life will be a bit hectic while I settle in.

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