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The new Imperial Knight

In keeping with the new schedule, Games Workshop has released a new plastic kit and a new supplement Codex. I wanted to share my thoughts on the new Knight, a plastic Titan.

In my opinion, this is the best release from Games Workshop in as long as I can remember. I adore this kit, and I hope GW continues with products like this. As some of you know, the Imperial Knight is an old Epic unit from back in the day. Check out the old mini and artwork! When I heard the rumors that a 40k version of the Knight was coming out, I was extremely happy. Not only do Space Marines and other Imperial armies get access to a fantastic mini titan, but GW continues to use old ideas and reintroduce them into current 40k cannon. They also did this to the Rainbow Warriors in the new Space Marine codex, and with the Lord of Skulls.

Imperial Knight Imperial Knight Imperial Knight
As you can see from the second image, the Knight is a massive kit. It towers over most models I can think of, and easily outweighs the Eldar Wraithknight. This kit has a lot of room for freehand, weathering, and detailing. I love the gigantic Melta cannon, and the Chainsword arm is fantastic.

Imperial Knight Imperial Knight Imperial Knight
As you can see, the kit comes with a total of 4 head options. I’m really pleased with all 4, and it allows some variety for players who want to grab more than one. I love how two of them have a knightly feel, and the unhelmed one (bottom left) has a very nice Mechanicum look to it. The back of the Knight has a lot of detail to it, and has a lot of room for weathering. One of my favorite things about the kit is the trim. If you look at the third image, you can see a close up of the trim on the Chainsword and the legs. What I like is how it retains the Gothic feel, and helps tie the model together.

Knight Sprue Knight Sprue
Something else I wanted to draw attention to is just how simple the model is for its size. The massive Chainsword is only two pieces, as is each leg. I like how this feels like a beginners Titan kit, and a good way to introduce yourself to larger models, like a Warhound Titan or a Thunderhawk.

I hope this kit is also available for the Legions of Chaos to use, as some of us aren’t fond of the Lord of Skulls. I am super impressed by this kit, and as I said before, I cannot wait to have one. I hope GW keeps up the good work with 40k. Maybe next we can see some more plastic kits for Chaos, like new Obliterator miniatures!


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