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The Wolves of Fenris

As you can tell by the title, this time we are looking at the Wolves of Fenris. Let me say that the Wolves have always had a special place in my heart. While I was deciding what army I was going to settle on for my Art Scale Marines, the Space Wolves were a very, very close second. For a while, I had actually decided I would go with the wolves instead of my Ultramarines. But enough talk, you came here for art.


First up are some close up pieces. In order, we have a peice by Aerion-the-Faithful, next a rater scary rendition of Ragnar by RyanPortillo. And finally, a brutal looking Space Wolf by Faroldjo.


Next up are three pieces by MajesticChicken. Instead of creating work from scratch, MajesticChicken instead take art from the Codex of any army and gives it color. I love what he has done with all of the art he gets his hands on, and I recommend you take a look at his Deviant art profile. He has a ton of images, and I could fill at least 30 inspiration posts and still have some art left over.


These last two are cover art from two of Black Libraries novels. Prospero Burs and Battle of the fang. The artists are Neil Roberts, and Jon Sullivan. I am a huge fan of both novels, and the artists. They produce some of the best 40k art I have seen, and I am continually impressed by both of them.

Until next winter.

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