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Thundriks Profiteers

Heading into the city of Shadespire in search of treasures, and now finding themselves in the mountainous real of the Beastgrave, Thundriks Profiteers are a Warband of heavily armed Kharadron Overlords. While I don’t play the Warband myself, a few of my friends have been thoroughly enjoying the playstyle of the group, especially the heavy ranged emphasis, allowing the Warband to stand out with such an arsenal.

This Warband was quite fun to paint and proved a bit of a challenge as well. I went with a lot of metallics, inspired by the box scheme of steel and brass. The small details across the various fighters were also a lot of fun, especially the chemist’s vials and glass tubing on Thundriks backpack.

I made a small conversion to one of the fighters, Enrik Ironhail, who carries a rapid-firing Volley Gun. The base model is posed to be reloading, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. I used a Volley Gun from the Arkanaut Company kit and made some small cuts and a little greenstuff to repose him.

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