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Warmachine: Tactics

I know I don’t usually do this type of post, but I thought I would make an exception this time. As I am sure many of you know, Kickstarter is a site that allows the community to fund a project, allowing cool ideas to get out there and get the money they need without so much hassle. I have seen quite a few interesting ones, but my eyes are currently on the Warmachine: Tactics game. I have not been into Warmachine for very long, but I love the look and feel of the game and the universe.

One of the coolest ideas of this project are the new Journeyman Warcasters, as each faction is getting one, and each character is getting a mini. For Kickstarter, each Warcaster is getting a sculpt, and then a new one when they are released in the next expansion. At that point, the Kickstarter variants molds will be destroyed, so these minis are pretty limited. Below are images of the Cygnar, Khador, and Retribution of Scyrah Warcasters.

I recommend that anyone interested in Warmachine, miniatures, or strategy games checks out the project. The game has enjoyed a ton of success so far, hitting $805,442 in just over 6 days! Here is a link to the project, enjoy!

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