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Warmachine works in progress

Over the past few days I have been working on a small commission and a personal project. The commission was for two Warcasters from Warmachine. One Caine of Cygnar, and Aurora of the Convergence. I have been busy painting Caine, and I have assembled and pinned Aurora. Aurora has been interesting, to say the least. She requires a fair amount of pinning (everything) as I want to be sure none of her parts suddenly fall off. Here are a photo of both Warcasters. I hope to get Aurora painted within the week, and finish up Caine today.

Next is my own project, some Man O War shocktroopers. I have had these guys for a while, but I am determined to finish all of my current projects. I have the red started, and will be moving on to the metalics soon. While they don’t have nearly as many colors to paint as some other minis, they are still a fair amount of work. I have converted the leader of this bunch to have a fur cloak, and I wanted him to feel at home with the Butcher.

And here is my workbench. As you can see, I have some Winter Guard being converted, Strakhov to paint, and the above projects. Hopefully I can bust through these pretty quick!


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