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Welcome to Commorragh

Another inspiration post here. This time we take a look at the dark denizens of Commorragh , the Dark Eldar. I will again be taking a look at a single artist who I feel manages to understand the look and feel of this race. Last time it was Greyall and the Chaos Space Marines, and this time it is Beckjann.


These first three are easily on the top of my list. The first two are Archons, the cunning and deadly leaders of the Dark Eldar Kabals. The third is (By the looks) a Kabalite warrior. And by the look of that spear, you beeter hope he doesn’t find you.


These next three are potraits of some Dark Eldar. I love how Beckjann has made them recognizably Eldar, but with an arrogance and sinister twist that really makes them feel like the twisted sick monsters that they really are.


This first piece, the Scourge, is to date my favorite piece Beckjann has even created. I love the look and feel, and it is nice to see the Scourges portrayed in such a fantastic way. I truly hope that we will see more of Beckjanns amazing art in the future, as I know I am looking forward to seeing more.

Here is a link to his Deviantart page. I recommend you take a look. He has a ton of amazing work on show, and be sure to keep checking back. I don’t think he is about to stop anytime soon.

Until next time.

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