Wood Elf Highborn (Eltharin, the Aieros Prince)

Just posting something quick here. This is a painted mini for a character in my current Pathfinder campaign. The miniature is a Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elf Highborn with a great weapon. I have converted him to hold a blade from the High Elf Mage kit.

Overall, I spent about 6 hours on Eltharin, and I am pretty happy with how he turned out.

Here is a quick description on him from his player, Jamie.

‘Eltharin of House Sarathai was born into princeship in the lost lands of the Aieros and raised under the tutelage of his father and elder brother. Eltharin was struck by a peculiar wanderlust early in life, something rare for his kind. Leaving his homeland behind, he left to unknowingly change the world he belonged to, though not without great difficulty and loss. In time, he and his battle companion and lifelong friend Gor, fought their way through countless challenges and lost many friends, but ultimately were instrumental in the felling of the greatest menace to the land in millenia. Only recently after years of peaceful living did he finally take up his blade and bow again, for a new foe has arisen. Eltharin is kind and honest, not without humour, and a bit foul-mouthed, but most of all he will never surrender when they are people who need him.’

In a few days I will have some more photos posted of a recent Salamanders commission I finished over the weekend.


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