Riian Heldath

Hey there ladies and Gents,
Here with a bit of a small update. If you recall in one of my older posts, I gave you a look of what was on my workbench. Well, I am happy to say that one of those characters is finished. Here he is.

Here is a description from our DM, Jamie.

‘Riian is a veteran of war and adventure, and his hands bear many scars from battle and blacksmithy alike. Now an old man past his prime, he finds himself forced to take up arms to defend all he holds dear. In the past, he and his companions were responsible for the downfall of a sect of dangerous cultists attempting to resurrect an evil god. Now, forces even more powerful threatens everything he holds dear. Though he may not survive the journey, he will not let his friends and family down.’

I had a ton of fun painting this character. The player knew exactly what he wanted for the look of Riian, and it was fun to try to get it just right for him. The player is happy with how he turned out, and so am I. I hope you like him. I will also have another character finished by this weekend, so expect an update soon. If anyone is curious, the original mini I used as the base is Reapers Silas, Male Cleric. 

Thanks for looking.

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