My Skaven Clanrats

Hey folks.
If you recall, I did a post on my Skaven Plague Priest. It remains my most popular post by a long shot, thanks to the nice guys over at Tale Of Painters linking it. I thought I would post up some images of my Skaven army. As my friends will know, I love the Skaven. They are my favorite race in all of Warhammer Fantasy. I love the look of them, the art, and the lore.

I currently have about 200 Skaven (I think), and a fair number of them still need to be painted. Today I will be showing off my Clanrats, and the weapon teams attached to them. Each regiment is 30 Clanrats strong, and one is armed with spears and shields, the other with hand weapons and shields.

Here is the Clawpack. I had a ton of fun with this unit, and I enjoyed painting the symbols on the shields.

I added a fair amount of red to the unit because, in the background of my army, red is the colour of power. I will leave it up to you to figure out if those Skaven deserve it. Moving on is the Spearpack.

Where do these rats find all that red? I wonder… Again, I must say how much I enjoy painting the standard Skaven troop. I really like these sculpts, as they offer a ton of detail and variety. Next up are the two-weapon teams I attach to these Clanrats.

This Warpfire has a small conversion, as I am sure some of you noticed. For those who have not, the fire coming from the front of the flamethrower is a small piece taken from the Plague Furnace kit.

The last unit for the day, this one is a Poisoned Wind Mortar. With this one, I am very proud of the poison-filled orbs that the lead Skaven is carrying.

This is by no means the last of my Skaven that will be posted. I plan to do a post on my Plague Monks, Stormvermin, and all the unit fillers I have been working on.

That’s all for now. I will have another post up after the weekend.

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  1. Tyson hickman on May 18, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    they look really good. I am pretty average at painting. having a hard time bringing my game to the next level.

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