Ka’zrik In’Kavius

Hey folks,

Here with another painted character for my current Pathfinder campaign. This chap is Ka’zrik, and for some reason, this mini was a pain. For some reason, I could not get the sword to look good, and even now I am not 100% happy with it. But, now that I have given the mini to its new owner, I am much happier with him.

Here is a short description from our DM, Jamie.

‘Ka’zrik was born in the shadows of the deep places of the earth, where he learned to stalk the darkness with blade and magic. After a failed expedition to recover an item of great importance, he returned to find his home in ruin and his family put to sword. He and his sister Sha’zel fled to the surface vowing revenge on the house that broke them, Than’ravil. He is impossible to read, a cold mask of calculating thought and precision. No-one knows who his loyalties truly lie to, for he was once part of a cult that sought to subjugate the surface people but now aids the forces of good…’

But that’s not all. I also have something else to show. While Jamie is a very talented writer, he also produces amazing artwork. This is his rendition of Ka’zrik, and I took a fair amount of inspiration from his piece. If anyone is interested, here is a link to his DeviantArt account and his Facebook. Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress, and when Jamie finished the piece, I will post it here.

That’s all for today. I hope to have another inspiration post up before the weekend, and I will be finishing another Pathfinder character before then as well.

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