Dreadfleet: The finale

Hey folks,

Here with the last of Dreadfleet. Over the course of the last two months, I have been hard at work finishing the game. I have now completed every piece in the game, and I am quite happy to be done. I have enjoyed this porject, and learned a few things when it comes to painting, but I am very happy to be done and moving on. Onto some photos of the finished pieces!

First up is the Heldenhammer. I was quite happy to finish this ship, and I am very proud of how the colors came out. The vibrant red and gold is a very nice combo, and I am glad it turned out looking regal and bold.

Next up is the Seadrake. Nothing too special on this ship, although I am very happy with the red and blue contrast.

The next ship is the Swordfysh, and I am quite pleased with the whole thing. It was a very nice break from the others, as most of the ship is black, and very easy to paint. I am quite happy with the sea green, and the bone.

And the final ship, the Flaming Scimitar. I had a lot of fun with this ship, especially with the flames, as I don’t have a chance to paint fire very often.

After the ships, I started to work on the terrain for the game. I wanted to paint the ship wrecks in the same way I had done the Shadewraith, keeping the eerie and spooky feel of ghost ships.

And of course, what would a game with pirates be without sea monsters?

Next up are all the tools you get in the game. This includes a custom measuring stick, five objective markers, a wind gauge, and two ship wheels to help with turning. These were a blast to paint, and really add to the feel of the game.

Last up for the game are the auxiliaries. These are small ships that are attached to the larger ones, and every ship has one except the Shadewraith. I tried to match the auxiliaries to the larger ships by adding small symbols to the flags.

And just for fun, here are photos of both factions that come in the game. First up, The Grand Alliance, second, The Dreadfleet.

And that is all for today. Like I said, Dreadfleet was a massive investment in time, so seeing it all finished is quite a relief. I’ve been working on my Dark Eldar over the weekend, so updates will be coming on that shortly.


  1. Mikael on February 4, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Cool, really nice models.
    Wish I hade more time to finish my own set, they have been untouched for almost a year now.


  2. Marie on March 2, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Very nice work Quinn, they look amazing.

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