Wolves, War beasts, and Winter Guard! Oh my!

Hey guys and gals,

Here with some finished models, and some work in progress updates. A few weeks ago I had a customer contact me, and asked me to paint up a small battle group of Circle of Orboros miniatures, from the Hordes game. I quickly jumped at the chance, as I am a big fan of Privateer Press, and I have wanted to paint some of these miniatures for a while.

The customer asked for the miniatures to be painted in a similar fashion to those on the Privater Press site. This gave me a chance to try out some new techniques, including a more realistic highlighting method, and some shading. The first mini I completed was the Scarsfell Griffon. I had a ton of fun painting this model, and it really got me in the mood to paint the rest.

Next, I decided to tackle the largest model in the group, the Warp Wolf. I had to re do the skin after my first attempt came out far to dark. The second attempt was much closer to what I had in mind. The fur also took a few attempts to get the right color, but I am happy I took the time to get it right.

I am very happy with this one, and I am quite pleased with the face, especially the mouth. After the Warp Wolf, I hit the two smaller war beasts  known (singularly) as an Argus. (I honestly have no idea what the plural of that is.) These were both pretty fast to complete, but quite enjoyable.

After the war beasts, it was time to start on the characters. I started with the Lord of the feast, as I felt he would be the faster miniature to paint. He was fun, but also a little challenging. Those antlers were a small pain to get into place, and the tips kept chipping as I painted. In the end I painted a small amount of PVA glue onto the tips, then I gave him a spray of matte finish. This gave the model a protective coat, and also dulled the PVA glue. Simple, but quite effective.

Last for this commission is the Warlock, the leader of the group. The Warlock, Kaya, was a blast to paint. She has a fair amount of detail, and the armor was a ton of fun. I am pleased with how the colors came out, and the cloak was a fun bit. The face was a bit of a pain to get at, as her hair and shoulder are in the way. That said, I think I did a pretty good job.

This project took me about 2 weeks in total, but I also had some extra free time to spend on this. At the moment, I am working on the Salamander Movie Marines from Thor, and I thought I would post a small update on the progress.

As you can see, the green is coming along quite nicely. I have one more highlight to do, and then I am going to start on the bronze and silvers. I hope to have these guys done in about 2 weeks, and then I can tackle the Contemptor Dreadnought.

I have also recently gotten into Warmachine thanks to a good friend of mine (You know who you are) and I have decided to go with Khador. I like the Russian feel to them, and I am a huge fan of the durability of the Warjacks they use. I have decided to start painting the Winter Guard Infantry first, and my list will include a large unit of these chaps. After that, I will finish the only Warjack in my current list. More on that in the future.

Not much, but I do have them built and based. This is only a small portion of the unit, as it is currently sitting at 13 Winter Guard. For the colors, I am going to go with a dark grey for the overcoats, and use bright red for the shoulder pads. That’s all for now. Hopefully I can keep up a good pace with my painting., and pump out some more work soon. We will have to see.


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