Khador Winter Guard infantry

Hey folks,

Here with some more finished miniatures, this time some Winter Guard infantry for my Khador force. I am very determined to finish all of my current on the go projects, and these guys just happened to be one of the things on that list. I am very happy with the finished result, and I am looking forward to painting up a Decimator Warjack whenever I get around to it. At the moment I am working on those Deathwing Terminators and they are almost finished. After that I am hoping to do a tutorial for the Alpha Legion. But enough talking, on to some photos!

Something I learned doing this unit was a pretty good way to paint red. Starting with a base of Khorne Red, I washed the recesses with Strong Tone Quickshade (or a dark brown wash) and layered with Mephiston red. Then I added some Bleached Bone to the red, and gave it another layer. All in all, a fun unit to paint. A little bit of a pain to clean however, as the plastic was pretty dense.

That’s all for now. Happy painting!

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