Sorscha and Warjacks

Hey folks,

Been a while since a post with my own content, but moving can be hectic to say the least. Before the move, I finished my Warcaster and two Warjacks. Unfortunately I was unable to get photos up until now. Once again, a big thanks to Fabalah for editing these! I had a good time painting these Warjacks. I’m not used to painting anything larger than a Terminator, but I think they came out really well. I’m also pretty happy with how my Warcaster came out, as it was important that she felt at home with the Warjacks.

I opted for a cleaner style for my Warjacks, as I wanted to really make my guys stand out. Most Warmachine minis I have seen get very heavy weathering on them, so I went for very little dirt on the feet and knees. Of course the real star is Sorscha, whom I spent quite a lot of time on. I really wanted to make her stand out, but not spend a massive amount of time on her. Overall, I think I spent at most 4 hours. Not bad, i think!

And of course, here is the Warcaster and her ‘Jacks. At some point I will be adding a bit more to the Juggernaut, as he will be used for The Butcher. (When I get around to him) So you can expect a few skulls on him to say the least.

That’s it for now. Up next, I have some Man-0-War Shocktroopers to paint, and the Winter Guard command to convert. Hopefully I can bust those Shocktroops out in the next week or so. After that, I’ve got some Deathwing Terminators to finish.

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