Dethling the Destroyer

Hey guys and gals,

Here with a slightly out of the norm update. I was recently asked by my girlfriend to repaint one of her Warcraft collectibles she got from Blizz-Con a couple of years ago (2010). I have always liked the idea of painting some of the Warcraft figures, but I haven’t had the chance until now. Here is a photo of the figure out of the box.

As you can see, it’s not the best paint job. Not horrible mind you, just the standard for mass produced figures. I started by looking up a good amount of inspiration to get some ideas going on how to paint this little guy. The image that really stuck with me during the project was this lovely piece. One of the things that I really wanted to capture was the internal glow effects. You can see that he is burning from the inside out, and that his body needed to be bolted together to prevent it from falling apart.

Here is the finished figure. Dethling took a fair amount of time to complete, as he is a much larger model than I usually work on. I am very pleased with the contrast on him, and the glow I managed to achieve. I had a blast painting him, and my girlfriend is very happy with the end result. Here are two shots showing the detail on him.

The flesh was really easy to pull off. I wanted to make it a nice charcoal grey, so I started with a base of Eshin Grey with a bit of black. From there, I drybrushed pure Eshin Grey, then drybrushed Dawnstone, and highlighted with Administratum Grey. To tie it all together, I washed the all the skin with a black wash, and shaded with watered down black. Any areas I wanted to bring more attention to, such as the face, were given another highlight of Administratum Grey with a pinch of white.

Here is a before and after image, just to show the difference a paint job can make.

I recommend giving this type of project a go, as it is a real treat, and is a good chance to practice some new techniques and get out of your comfort zone.


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