Art Scale Carcharodon

Last weekend I tried something new, and completed an Art Scale Marine. I have started to move forward with my Marines. I purchased some mold making material and some resin, and cast up a new torso. I used this for a test mini for a potential army.

I had a blast building and painting this guy. Ever since Forge World released The Badab War books, I have been a huge fan of the Chapter. I love how mysterious they are, how ruthless they can be, and the color scheme. It leaves a lot of potential for weathering and free hand. I wanted to keep this Marine looking simple, as he was a test mini. I decided to model him with two close combat weapons, as it fits the assault oriented feel of the Carcharodons.

To be sure he had a weathered feel, I shaded with a Sepia Wash, and added some extra dirt to his feet and legs. I had a ton of fun converting and painting him. Those with a keen eye will notice the Mantis Warrior helmet on his base. If I continue with the Carcharodons, it will be a theme to have slain Mantis Warriors as base decorations or trophies.

Here is a work in progress photo, after I had started the skin. I wanted to be sure he looked pale, almost unhealthy. I don’t imagine the Carcharodons get a lot of sunlight, and I wanted to show this.

It was nice to finally finish an Art Scale Marine, and I plan to do more. My next Marine will be an Art Scale Ultramarine, so I can compare which I want to do an army of. I hope to start on him this weekend, along with casting more torsos.


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