Khador Man-O-War Schocktroopers

A little while ago, I finally got around to finishing another unit for my Khador army. I grabbed these guys during the holidays last year, but they got pushed back as I worked on other projects. I finally sat down, looked at all my incomplete projects, and decided that I should finish everything I have before I move on.

And so I started on my Man-O-Wars! I wanted to tie them together with my Warjacks, as these are the closest thing to Light ‘Jacks that Khador gets. I went with white stripes along the shoulders, and liked it so much I added them to my Jacks.

As you can see, I did a slight conversion to the leader of the unit, adding the cape and fur to him. I wanted to make him stand out in the unit a little more, and tie him in with The Butcher, whenever I get around to picking him up.

I am quite pleased to finish this unit, and I am happy with how they turned out. I love the Man-O-Wars, and I would love to grab a unit of Bombardiers and Demolition Corps. For those curious, the three symbols on the shoulders are Kahdorian for M.O.W. I have Strakhov and Torch built and primed, and I will be painting them up during the holidays. (I hope!)


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