Plague Zombies

It’s been a long while since I posted an update for my current commission, but alas, I have photos to share! These guys are Plague Zombies, to be used in a Chaos Space Marine army. They were converted by White Metal Games, and sent to me for painting. I had a fun time painting them, and I used a few of the methods I learned from painting The Skabrus. I had a good time applying the blood effects, using Tamiya Clear Red mixed with a black wash.

If you’re looking to use the Clear Red, I recommend you take a look at Tale of Painters tutorial on using it. A helpful hint is to not go too overboard with it. It may be tempting to cover the mini in it, but remember that the Clear Red is adding to it, not overpower it! Here is a group shot, showing off all of the Zombies.

I think that these guys make some pretty good Plague Zombies. Rumors are saying that Chaos Marines may be getting a plastic kit for Cultists and Plague Zombie, so keep your fingers crossed!

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