Carcharodons Tactical Squads

While I’ve been hard at work finishing some current commissions (more on that at a later date), I’ve been making a little time to work on my own Carcharodons. I decided to break up the Tactical squad into two separate units. The first squad is equipped for close combat, meant to get stuck in. I may have them deploy in a drop pod, or in a Storm Raven.

I’m quite happy with how the squad looks, and the Mk. V Heresy helmets are quickly becoming my favorite for these guys. My test mini will be joining this squad, and I plan to have all of them splashed with blood.

Next up is the support squad.

I feel that this squad is some of my best work so far, and really shows my improvement with my Art Scale Marines. I love the striding Sgt, and the Heavy Bolter marine is one of my favorites to date. The Flamer Marine was inspired by the Salamander Codex art, and I’m pleased with him as well. I still have some work to do on the Marines, but I am making good progress. I also have an Assault squad in the works, and a Chaplain to join them. I’m hoping to add a Contemptor to this army next, and go from there. If you have an account on the Bolter and Chainsword, shoot me some advice on getting a 1000 point list together!

Happy painting.

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