Palanquin of Nurgle

Another part of the Lord of Skulls commission is this Great Unclean One, converted to ride atop a Nurgle palanquin. The body of this is made from the Chaos Warshrine. I like the Warshrine, and I think it works well as an armored palanquin.

I had a lot of fun painting the gold, and I’m proud of how the OSL came out. If anyone is curious, I used P3 Blighted gold for the gold on the front. I feel it gives the face a slightly exotic feel. Of course, the client added some detail to the palanquin.

Something I don’t get to do very often is paint anything Nurgle. I had a lot of fun with them this time around, so I want to come back to them at some point. In that same not, I’m also proud of the keg of foulness in the back. The Nurglings have a lot of personality to them, and it’ something I enjoy. Of course, no Palanquin is complete with a passenger.

I really like how the daemon came out. I like how his pose is mid cast, and I had a lot of fun with painting the greens of his skin. I’m also fond of the scar on his back, and how useful Nurgles Rot is. It’s a fun item to use, but it’s easy to go overboard!

Cheers everyone.

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