Dark Angels Librarian

Sorry for the long break! Life has been hectic recently, with visiting family and my Birthday. Thankfully, life is starting to return to normal, so hopefully there will be more updates in the near future.
Continuing with my finished commissions, I’d like to share the Dark Angels Librarian from Dark Vengeance. Now that I have finally painted a few items from the new 40k set, I can say that I am really impressed with GW. The models all seem to go together easily, but still have pretty dynamic poses. They also have a lot of detail, which is not something I would normally expect from snap together minis found in a starter set.

I received some cool minis for my birthday and a new Codex, so expect to see information on them sometime soon. I’ve also got some Tyranids to work on for the NOVA OPEN charity, which I will be assembling during the week.

Cheers everyone.

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  1. Isiah on June 5, 2014 at 10:06 am

    Awesome sauce. I think the painting style is quite brilliant – but if I’m being honest I’d have preferred a darker blue for his armour possibly.


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