Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood, Tree of Fate

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Some late photos of a recent commission, a Circle Warcaster. I’ve painted miniatures from the Circle of Orboros before, and they are a nice break from my usual pallet. Something I wanted to push this time around was the magical element, so I did a fair bit of OSL on these minis. First up is Cassius.

I’m quite happy with how he turned out, although I could have gone a bit farther with my shading. I’ve used a bit more of my leaves mix on Cassius, as I wanted to give him the feeling of being around quite a few trees.

Next up is Wurmroot. I’m not an expert on the lore, but I’m pretty sure it’s a sentient soul sucking tree who uses said souls to fuel the magic of Cassius, a man bound to serve it. So, that’s pretty awesome. Neither of these guys took much time, which was a nice break after my recent Land Raider/Lord of Skulls commission. Below is a shot of them together. As you will see, Wurmroot is quite a large tree! And quite heavy, as he is metal. Thankfully, he doesn’t have any balance issues.

I really enjoy painting the Privateer Press line of miniatures, and I am eagerly awaiting the new Gatormen Posse. I hope to have some photos of my recently finished Khador minis up soon, as well as some progress on my Carchardons!

Cheers everyone.

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