Space Hulk: Blood Angel Terminators

As I am sure many of you are aware, I love Terminators. They are a very iconic part of the 40k universe, and will feature heavily in one of my upcoming projects. When a friend offered me the chance to paint his copy of Space Hulk, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. After a few months work on them, I am finally able to share some photos of the Blood Angels.

I had a blast painting these guys, as I always do with Terminators. The Space Hulk models are highly detailed for snap together minis, and Dark Vengeance definitely expanded on this.

It’s always good to learn something from a project, and looking back at the Blood Angels, I can see a few areas I could have improved upon. For one, I wont be forgetting how important it is to black line the armor plating anytime soon! I am extremely happy with how the power weapons and Genestealer blood turned out.

Next time, I’ll show off the Tyranid side of Space Hulk. Speaking of Tyranids, I’ve been working hard on a swarm of 20 Gargoyles for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. I will expand on this in the future, but if your’e interested, go take a look at their site. You can get more info on the raffle, and check out the work in progress from other artists.

Happy painting.

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