Night Lords – 3rd Claw and Knight Pilot

Well, I figure it’s been long enough since my Chronicle post to actually explain what that was all about.

I’ve been gone from my blog for a while, just under a year now. I took a break from the hobby for about 8 months, once I’d finished the Space Hulk and White Metal Games commission. I got really burnt out from both projects due to a real lack of enthusiasm on my part. I wasn’t excited for either and it showed in how long it took to actually paint the minis. I’ve decided that commissions are off the table for the foreseeable future so that I can focus on my own projects.

All the way back in January, I started writing and sketching out some ideas for a Chaos Marine warband, the Night Lords I’d wanted to do for years and somehow just hadn’t for whatever reason. I began gathering a lot of inspiration and various plastic kits from the Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine range, hoarding them into bitz boxes. I wanted to have a lot of variety within the Warband, making sure each was an individual warrior among an army.  In April, after I was happy with the amount of parts I had to work with, I built and painted 2 test Marines, the first of 3rd Claw.

I’m still fairly happy with how they turned out, and adding little personal touches is something I plan to continue. I’ve taken inspiration from some of my favorite blogs, such as Eternal Hunt, The Convertorum and Apologist. I’ve got the other 8 members in progress at the moment, along with a squad of Khrone Berzerkers and Kharn.

As you read in my Chronicle post, I’ll be forming a narrative around the Warband, from the perspective of a Chronicler. Historian, record keeper and counselor to the Night Lords and those who wage the Long War with them. To go along with the Chaos Marines, Deamon Engines and other monstrosities, I’ll also be working on some INQ28 style miniatures to accompany the Chronicler along whatever story unfolds. The first of this company is a Knight Titan pilot.  Mistress Vassit, Regent of House Patraxi, and oath sworn defender of the War Forge Kalixus.

In case anyone is curious, she is built primarily from the Vampires in the Coven throne kit, with the servo skull from the new Tech-Priest Dominus. and a fair bit of greenstuff. I’ve also been keeping a thread on the Bolter and Chainsword, which you can find here. More updates to come in the near future. (For real this time.)

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